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Olive Oil Gift Trio

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A trio of il Buco Alimentari's hand picked extra virgin olive oils from varying regions of Italy, together in our 2017 holiday gift box. Each monoculture oil has its nuances that make it specific to its region of Italy. 
These extra virgin olive oils represent our enduring commitment to outsourcing the best ingredients for the span of over 20 years. This dedication to Italy’s most precious ingredients is the foundation of our philosophy.
Biancolilla Olive Oil
Region: Sicily, Italy
Notes: orange blossom aromas, a light, fruity flavor, and a soft, spicy finish. 
Pairings: Recommended with creamed vegetables, salads, or fish, and can also be used for light sautéed sauces for pastas.
Moraiolo Olive Oil
Region: Umbria, Italy 
Notes: powerful, dark green, superior fruit with a grassy aroma and spicy finish.
Pairings: unheated to finish roast of red meats or grilled vegetables as well as on bruschetta and hearty legume soups.
Taggiasca Olive Oil
Region: Liguria, Italy 
Notes: delicate and grassy, mild nutty flavor.
Pairings: Ideal for fish, raw seafood, salads, vegetables, for fried fish dishes, and is excellent for dessert preparation.