Oil & Balsamic Gift Set

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A gift set of our essential kitchen products, perfect for cooking with or finishing a dish. Comes gift wrapped in our 2017 holiday gift box. 
il Buco Fiore di Sale (235g)
The precious flower of salt, is formed by small clusters of sea “foam” which are collected in the corners of the salina, evaporating with the aid of the intense Sicilian sun and northern winds.
Pairings: Tray a whole fish baked under a crust of this moist salt, or add to extra virgin olive oil with ground pepper and chili flakes for a wonderful pinzimonio.
il Buco Moraiolo Olive Oil (375ml)
Powerful extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, Italy, with a grassy aroma and a spicy finish.
Pairings: unheated to finish roast of red meats or grilled vegetables as well as on bruschetta and hearty legume soups.

Lemon Olive Oil
This Biancolilla lemon olive oil is lightly fruity with subtle bitterness and elements of artichoke, light floral, and lemon notes. The lemon from Sicilia is added during the press. Pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables, salads, or fish.

il Buco Balsamico (250ml)
Six year aged balsamic, slightly acidic and thinner than older balsamics, making it a perfect complement for salad dressings with fruit and nuts. 
Traditional Balsamic, orig. 1997
This dark and luminous delicacy is known in Italy as "black gold". The perfect balance between tart and sweet, a small teaspoon on a silver spoon is the perfect digestif to any meal.