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Moraiolo Olive Oil - Umbria

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Region: Umbria, Italy

Harvest: Nov. 2017

DescriptionFounded by Marco Pandolfi at Az. Agricola Il Castiglione, Foligno, hillside land of Umbria, in the middle of Italy. It grows at a 100ft above sea level in an extremely harsh climate. The Moraiolo is a very powerful, dark green, superior fruit with grassy aroma and spicy finish. Because of its high level of polyphenol, low peroxide and acidity, it’s undoubtedly the most powerful olive oil we offer.

Culinary Pairing: Moraiolo is dedicated as a condiment to meat, roasted and grilled culinary preparations, bruschetta, legume soups, intense mountain wild greens and compliments perfectly fishery preparations with baccala.

Available in 375ml and 500ml bottles.