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A variety of Italian style candies, including chocolate covered almonds, hazelnuts, and marzipan. 

Caffe Espresso: Liquid espresso from Arabica coffee beans coated in dark chocolate.

Cri Cri: Piemonte hazelnuts coated in a white and dark chocolate double layer (min. cocoa 78.9%).

Biancococco: Piemonte hazelnuts coated in white chocolate with coconut flakes. 

Donna Michelina Limone: Almonds coated with lemon flavored white chocolate. 

Fruttini: Assorted handmade fruits of vanilla flavored almond paste. 

Monnalisa Colorata: Almonds coated in white chocolate and colored. 

Tennerelli: Piemonte almonds coated in white chocolate and dark chocolate layers. 

Caffarel Hearts: Milk chocolate hearts by Caffarel.