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Balsamic Trio

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A unique opportunity to taste the complexities and differences between varying ages of balsamic vinegar. These artisan vinegars are made from Trebbiano and Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes grown on gracefully terraced vineyards without the use of pesticides or herbicides. With age, the balsamic thickens and evolves in flavor.

Six Year Aged Balsamic
The youngest of the three, this vintage is a bit more acidic and not as viscous as its older counterparts. A perfect complement for salad dressings with fruit and nuts. 
10 Year Aged Balsamic
After spending more time in the wooden barrels, the balsamic begins to thicken in texture and ripen in flavor. This vintage is meant to be poured over shards of parmigiano or drizzled on top of vanilla gelato or panna cotta. 
Traditional Balsamic, orig. 1997
We take the 10 year balsamic and we age it further inside of our restaurant using the "House Batteria". This dark and luminous delicacy is known in Italy as "black gold". The perfect balance between tart and sweet, a small teaspoon on a silver spoon is the perfect digestif to any meal.